Alysia Wood The Wease Show! (2011)

The Wease Show! (2011)

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This is from the Wease Show’s website which I was thrilled to be on last week!  Here’s a snippet (we play “Geezers vs. Douchebags… and get so caught up in a debate that we forgot we were playing a game). Thanks again for having me!!

Comedienne Alysia Wood in studio

Alysia is back in studio this morning and will be at The Comedy Club in Webster again tonight.  Yesterday, Wease invited her to join he and the boys at Roncone’s for lunch.  Wease was secretly thinking “this broad will never show up”.. but low and behold she was there!!  She sat down at the table and immediately announced that she’s allergic to garlic.. in a freaking Italian restaurant.  Wease said that, as predicted, Alysia got hit on by all the fellaz at lunch.  One guy even showed Alysia a picture he had on his phone of his wife.. TOPLESS!!  Wease said that he couldn’t look.  It’s not out of respect.. but it’s because it is just such an uncomfortable thing to look at in front of the guy.  Wease says that if he had it today on his phone he would stare at it in private.  Alysia said that she’s suprised at how often guys take penis pics and send them to chicks.  She doesn’t understand how that’s erotic.  Wease, Jamie, and Pauly all believe the exact opposite.. naked picture of women are hott.  Fact.  Thank you again to Sister Alysia for coming in this morning:

Comedienne Alysia Wood in studio

Alysia will be at The Comedy Club in Webster tonight thru Saturday.  Alysia is originally from Louisiana but has learned to cover up her accent over the years.  We asked her to.. and she whipped it out for us.  She now lives in L.A where she auditions for sitcoms and travels to do stand-up.  Wease feels bad for that life of auditioning over and over and over and never getting lucky.  How often does it happen?  Whitney Cummings is like the ONLY example.  Alysia mentioned that she is dying to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie which comes out tonight.  Wease sees a jackpot here.  He asked her if she’s be able to take his son Sammy tonight to the midnight showing because he’s dying to go.  She said yes.  Looks like Sammy has a date tonight.  Here’s a picture of Alysia and our special guest co-host this morning Elvio:

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