Alysia Wood Special Effects – Behind the Scenes

Special Effects – Behind the Scenes

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I’d like to share a low-budget, behind the scenes, GROSS, Hollywood moment with you.

I needed a cast of my teeth for an upcoming project.

So this video is me and special effects artist, Ian Strandberg, in my bathroom.  I’m also rockin’ coke bottle glasses, a Kentucky bandanna and BLOWING DROOL everywhere.   It was hard not to laugh.

I HIGHLY recommend watching this on full screen and with headphones, so you can really hear and see me gagging… if you’re into that.

Also, Ian is a fun professional that will hold your hair while you barf and act like it’s not weird (for the most part). He’s available for Twilight themed, fang-makin’ parties.

Trying Not to Barf (Special FX)

Preemptive Strike

I hate my dumbo ears, pterodactyl teeth and coke bottle glasses, so anybody that says jack shit when I’m sharing this “vulnerable, intimate moment” gets blocked on Facebook. I’m talking to you, Wisconsin… I’ll block you, file a restraining order and cancel my November appearance in Madison.

Yes, I will.

I will, too.

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