Alysia Wood Road Stories – Aug 20, 2009

Road Stories – Aug 20, 2009

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Hosted by Murray Valeriano and Joe Wilson, ROAD STORIES is a first hand look at life on and off the road for today’s top comedians. Episode #11 “Bookers and Bails” features guests Tom Clark, Alysia Wood and Ian Bagg.

Laughing about rape before the show even kicks off (officially) then moves quickly to topics including military tours, addiction, pre-show superstitions and rituals, horrible show environments, performing with musicians, Cleveland, Ian hates bookers, our limits for bad gigs (like Pasco, WA), racist road companions, being a drug mule, Canadian gigs, everything you never wanted to know about festivals, weird gigs, comedy at the Universal City walk and clubs that may or may not launder money.

“Here they’re talking about rape…”

Murray Valeriano
Murray Valeriano

Joe Wilson

Alysia Wood

Tom Clark – “Are you guys ready for the big seed sale?!?!”

Ian Bagg

Tammy Golden was cool enough to take photos (the whole set is here)

Listen to the entire episode on i-tunes. Also, check out the Road Stories Website and facebook group. (Alysia’s Note: This is one of my favorite shows that I subscribe to. It’s great for listening to comics talk about comedy.)

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