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Princess Reviews

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A huge thanks for all the kind words!

“Princess is an excellent stand-up comedy CD”


(My favorite… from a listener on Amazon)

“Alysia Wood’s comedic material stems almost entirely from her own disfunction, which – thankfully for us – appears to be bottomless. She fearlessly digs around in the depths of her own psyche and puts it all on display with hilarious results. Her jokes are sharp and merciless – there’s no hidden sentimentality dragging things down. Just good old wicked fun.”

– Andrew

“And lo, a new voice was heard in the darkness”


“She uses her voice like a lion tamer uses a whip: there are times she’ll crack it sharply in the air to drive a point home or punctuate a punchline. Other times she’ll unspool it in serpentine loops to let it rise and fall to convey cartoonish absurdity.”


“brilliant turns of acting… it comes across realistically even without the benefit of seeing her on stage.”

– TheSpitTake.com

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