Alysia Wood NW Convergence Zone Interview – April 17, 2010

NW Convergence Zone Interview – April 17, 2010

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Alysia is FINALLY in the man cave studio, bringing Jeremy Whitman along for the 420 episode.

Big D, Big Joe, Double D, Wonderboy & Squeeze make up the cast on NWCZ, bringing you their take on the news, sports, music and anything else they find interesting. All brought to you with their unique Northwest perspective.

The crew discusses Alysia’s homecoming show at Jewelbox Theater with her mom in the audience, her week in Vegas as “America’s Next Funniest and losing all of her money to Black Jack Switch. Jeremy uncomfortably talks about being from Spanaway and introduces himself to the NWCZ audience. The crew discusses the origins of 420, Alysia’s 420 experiences, accidentally insulting the cougars during her Washington State University (WSU) show, hosting “Last Coug Standing” and ensuing chaos. Alysia also reveals her secret weapon to winning the America’s Next Funniest contest at Harrah’s through, her fear that her family will right a “tell all” book, whether or not comics are always “on” (stage), reality shows and why Alysia wants to be “Mr. T famous”. The comics discuss hecklers (Jeremy – now 5 beers deep – makes Alysia burst out laughing), different types of hecklers and heckling. Jeremy discusses his “evolution” into comedy, first influences and performing on free shows. Alysia touches on the origins of the WoodStalkers group, what members are in her myspace band and what’s ahead.

These guys do a great job, TRULY support northwest artists and you should give ‘em a listen – not just because they greeted Alysia with a HUGE bottle of vodka.

Listen to the FUN, entire episode on Itunes:

Here’s the WSU and America’s Next Funniest and why Alysia wants to be “Mr. T famous” clips.

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