Alysia Wood New Day NW Appearance on KING 5

New Day NW Appearance on KING 5

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Behind the Scenes Photos

Here’s me with Su – from beginning to end Su did everything on earth to make sure my segment went smoothly – she even reviewed my material online so that when i showed up with questions, she already had the answer! She was on the ball, warm and a delight to talk to about weird/ugly nail polish trends backstage. In more ways than one, Su was a life saver.

This is Margaret Lawson, host of the show. Even with an army of people behind the scenes make the show a well-oiled machine (there were two actors from the color purple, an army of acupuncturists and spa employees, Dr. Cora from Children’s hospital, 4 models and their designer all backstage waiting for their segment) somehow when they say “cut”, Margaret manages it all, making sure you know that this will be fun, she’s so glad you stopped by and then guides you through the segment without any practice or missteps. I don’t know how she does it!

Here, with Margaret and I, is one of my best friends, Virginia, who also graciously stepped in as my event coordinator for the media blitz and CD release.  I couldn’t have done any of it without Virginia.

I’ve known Virginia since before I started comedy (and you should never work with your best friends but we pulled it off primarily due to her ability to ignore me when I was on 3 hours of sleep for days on end and acting like a jerk). Throughout the media blitz, Virginia was my driver, hair dresser, cook, therapist, publicist, punching bag (have you ever tried to talk some sense into a crazy person?) and all around “handler”. She even opened her home for the makeup artist, helped me pick out outfits, bought my mailing envelopes for people that couldn’t attend, woke me up and put me to bed.

That doesn’t include all of the time and effort she put into the release parties themselves.

She also worked with the venues to make sure the logistics were perfect, with LaughStub to make sure the box office would run smoothly, bought and set up all of the decorations, managed staff at the venues, created awesome gift bags on a nonexistent budget (complete with Jiffy Lube coupons and Get Out of Jail Free cards!), awesome playlists for preshow/parties, put me in a tiara and made sure I had time to be a gracious host at the after parties… making sure I had a few minutes to talk to everyone that showed up like Max, Shelley and Sun!

Most of these photos are by Gerry Collen and Randy Sparks, two awesome photographers that contributed their talent to the night.

Virginia also made sure I jumped in the photo booth with another one of my best friends, Katrin, who I barely got to talk to all night!

Since she’s been doing this for fun for years, I’m really excited to see where her OFFICIAL career as an event coordinator takes her – she’s already an amazing force to be reckoned with (did I mention she was a mom and a student during this, too?).

There are more photos on my FB group page here.

My cousin, Travis, was awesome enough to get a Facebook ad!

A huge thank you to Virginia Bacon, Stand up! Records, Julie Seabaugh of BTN PR, Duncan the makeup artist, my family, friends, podcasters, Woodstalkers, comedians (Nigel Larson, Eric Hurst, Jen Seaman), Ian Rans who made the awesome posters, the KISS FM staff and listeners, NWCZ radio, New Day on KING 5, Photographers Randy Sparks and Gerry Collen, Weekly Volcano, Tacoma New Tribune, LaughStub and the CD reviewers for making my CD release an amazing experience.

I’m sure I am forgetting a ton of people… just know that I love you all!

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