Alysia Wood New PODCAST section added

New PODCAST section added

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Did you miss the show where Second Column host, Joe Donatelli, asked on air how Alysia’s date with another cast member went? No one in the studio thought things would go where they did. This clip is after Sean stepped on a landmine… Mike left the table… Alysia and Sean both rip off their headphones… Alysia hyperventilates from laughing and crying… while Joe tries to maintain order and Carlos continues to stir the pot… but you can find that entire episode in the new podcast section.

What about when Alysia got serious about the funny business with Milk of Minutia last week?

Did you miss Alysia explaining the stalker videos on MySpace to National Lampoon Comedy Radio – and that she knew the California’s Funniest Female Contest wasn’t rigged, because she constantly aggravated the producer?

What about when she was a semi-finalist in America’s Next Funniest competition on Want to hear her talk about working in Vegas as the winner or what it was like to go home to Seattle and perform as “America’s Next Funniest” with her mother in the audience?

Taking it way back, what about when she debuted on Bob and Tom?

Well, they are ALL here and more: Descriptions, sample clips where available, links to the full shows and photos, if any.

Some archives, like my final three appearances on National Lampoon are lost, but if I’ve got ’em, you can listen to them all in the PODCAST section.

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