Alysia Wood Movie Meltdown

Movie Meltdown

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Movie Meltdown – Episode 171

This week we welcome special guest co-host comedian Alysia Wood. Listen as we discuss comedy, movies, and lots of other amazing tangents including… a brain is a noodle, genetically Texan, shark infested waters, Louisiana, do we have to be nice to people?, draining all your spinal fluid, on Codine for three weeks, Magnolia, and now there’s mice, Seattle, collecting all the phones, potato soup with rubber chunks, bargain dental work, Louisville, explaining how jokes work, doing meth with a medical background?, Los Angeles, wearing a bulletproof vest, drinking eight glasses of water, Hot for Teacher, making fun of mom, jumping qualities of education, there’s a lot of ellipsis, fat ugly or gay, Lewis and Clark, Jaws, ballet, Verizon suits, love comedy… hate jokes, laughing at the poet, a TSA training video, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, vibrating and punching you in the crotch, dying of lung cancer, spoofing bad 70’s action flicks, Bar-B-Q, a women’s health care provider, Arachnophobia, studying comedy, Botox, Dangerous, ADD, jump scares, riches to rags, racist in the name of Jesus, necessary awkward silence, Draw Something, shady deals, jumping from the balcony, boys picking on girls, a deeper layer of honesty, failing Spanish,do not tell your mother, hitting the Blockbuster, ziplining, Mad Max, come out of the closet or get plastic surgery, planning for debt, a nuclear thunder clap, attempting to move to New York, cocksucker was not on the list, you ruin everything, pity laugh, Cracker Jack modeling, Mitch Hedberg, Netflix, Hopatcong New Jersey, street jokes, you’re just a hooker, Titanic, and I never started it… but I’ll fucking finish it!

“Neurosis is definitely a big piece of the puzzle.”

Plus look for Alysia’s CD “Princess” available on iTunes, Amazon and many other outlets. Just go to for links to her album, upcoming tour dates, and that fancy multi-tiered mailing list.

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