Alysia Wood Milk of Minutia interview – May 13, 2010

Milk of Minutia interview – May 13, 2010

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“One of the best interviews we’ve ever had…”

– Milk of Minutia

Episode 12

Milk of Minutia is hosted by Ken in Rochester and Justin in Bothell, WA.

Justin & Ken let it all hang out with comedian Alysia Wood. This hour-long interview covers America’s Next Funniest, Funny People, the top comedians in the country, different comedy genres, being from Bellevue, whether Kirkland is Seattle or not, the psychic that approached Alysia at Beth’s Café in Seattle when she was 19, growing up poor in Bellevue, the history of comedy and recessions, being a student of the craft (how Alysia used to comedy books to learn), the economics of comedy & making a living, working colleges versus clubs, doing the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, learning from podcasts, why the Seattle comedy scene keeps cranking out great comics, how comedy has affected the rest of her life, how much of the act is true, why this interview was “wakka wakka free”, Alysia’s battle with smoking, why her newest material isn’t online and being a horrible Aunt…. while Justin and Ken try to get a word in edgewise.

Maybe the most comprehensive interview ever…

Here’s a sample clip – Alysia talks about wasting her youth at Beth’s Cafe in Seattle… and the psychic that approached her there.

Alysia Wood on Milk of Minutia – Beths Cafe Psychic – Episode 12 excerpt – May 13, 2010

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