Hacked By Ahmed 01 Milk of Minutia interview – Dec 25, 2010

Milk of Minutia interview – Dec 25, 2010

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Bonus Episode – Milk of Minutia is hosted by Ken in Rochester and Justin in Bothell, WA.

“Wow. Where to begin? Basically, we recorded so much show, we had to divide it into two parts. In the first half of our holiday show: we help support comedian Alysia Wood as she tries to find the one good samaritan in all of Seattle that will jump-start her dead car battery, we also try to get to the bottom of MMA journalist Bryan Alvarez’s own Xmas podcast fiasco as well as his obsession with kittens. Then, right around time when the booze starts to kick in, we round out things with a visit from one of our all-time favorites…Popcorn Mafia podcast host, Grae Drake. Stay tuned for Part Two!”

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