Alysia Wood Bob & Tom, Alysia, Moshe & The Magic Beer Machine

Bob & Tom, Alysia, Moshe & The Magic Beer Machine

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I am always happy to  be a guest on the Bob and Tom show.  I was there to promote the release of my CD, Princess.

I joined Moshe Kasher, who recently wrote a book, Kasher in the Rye.

Since I can’t seem to go 24 hours without an embarrassing incident, a piece of my lung flew out and landed Moshe’s book.  This lead to me (literally) coughing up the $25 to buy it and you should, too.

Check Moshe out on his book/standup tour.

Towards the end of the show, we were joined by Josh Springer, who invented the Bottoms Up beer delivery system.

If you haven’t seen this, it’s CRAZY (video below).

It was nice to see a fellow Washington community college drop out madly in love with their job and on the way to being a future GAZILLIONAIRE.

It was a super fun morning.  After the show, Moshe and I had lunch with Josh and learned that he has enough stories to fill a book as well.

Thanks to the Bob and Tom show for sharing their listeners me with!

You can hear the entire episode at!

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