Alysia Wood I Am Road Comic – Red Carpets, Premieres & Screenings!

I Am Road Comic – Red Carpets, Premieres & Screenings!

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The world premiere of “I AM ROAD COMIC” was April 30th in Montclair, NJ!  The documentary is a follow up to I Am Comic, which is definitely worth a watch if you want to learn more about standup. LA screening is June 24th (details below).

My big ole thanks to director Jordan Brady for including me in the movie.  

Before the world premiere in NJ, I did my first red carpet interview with T. Renee Mathis from Couch TV at the Friar’s Club Film Festival secret screening in NYC.  I learned a lot on the red carpet. For example, you can’t hear your own thoughts because it’s so loud.  Also, there will always be some jerk that will have the nerve to ask you, your interviewer, the camera guy, sound and light person to move off of the red carpet so they can take a quick photo. Also I learned that mother nature will frizz your hair out and melt your makeup off four minutes after you walk out the door – especially if you are headed to a red carpet.  

Here’s the interview with T. Renne.


After the secret screening, The Friar’s Club invited me to perform in the legendary clubhouse.  Keith Alberstadt and I got a tour of the place – and it’s incredible.  As I lifelong student and fan of comedy… it was amazing to sit in the same private chairs as comedy royalty. Hopefully, one day I will have a membership.  A huge thanks to everyone for their hospitality.

I was so busy at the premiere that I didn’t take photos… but here’s some from the secret screening!

badge    trenne

  redcarpethans  jordancouch    redcarpetall

comicsalbers room  stage


The next screening is in Los Angeles. Super stoked.


TUESDAY 24th June

Cinefamily Theater

611 N. Fairfax Ave


7:30pm Doug Loves Movies

8:30pm “I AM ROAD COMIC”


Running time 69 minutes. Free taco bar or something on patio afterwards.


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