Alysia Wood Having Sex, With Katie Morgan

Having Sex, With Katie Morgan

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Photo: I just finished "Having Sex: with Katie Morgan" & Jim Jackman. It airs 7/20 on Kevin Smith's Smodcast Network. A huge "thanks" to Daryl Wright for introducing us. A huge "seriously don't listen to this" to anyone I'm related to, had sex with or has met my parents... But it was SUPER FUN!
I just finished “Having Sex: with Katie Morgan” & Jim Jackman… it was SUPER FUN!
It airs July 20th at 9PM on Kevin Smith’s SModcast Network (Stream it or Subscribe to HSWK on iTunes unless we are related, had sex or you’ve met my relatives…)
I mentioned a Road Stories *must hear* episode with Chris Fairbanks‘ cautionary tale about road sex – that’s here.  (Also, my recent appearance on Road Stories is here, “Broads and Jewskis” Murray Valeriano welcomes comedians Cash Levy, Stave Mazan and Alysia Wood to discuss bookers, sexism and antisemites…)
Don’t forget to check out the musicians from the episode: BJ Smith released a super soulful and FREE Rolling Stones remake of Angie (I met that dude and he is THE coolest).  Plus, The Prairie Scholars have a new album out!

A huge “thanks” to Daryl Wright for introducing all of us.
His episode is available now on iTunes!
Bob Zany, Alysia Wood, Daryl Wright at The Improv at Harrah’s in Las Vegas.

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