Hacked By Ahmed 01 Drinking Buddies!

Drinking Buddies!

Posted in Podcasts on Friday, October 8th, 2010 at 7:13 pm No Comments

Alysia stops into the KBCH Studios in Long Beach to chat with hosts Jerry Brandt and Chris Adams on the Drinking Buddies show.

After Mitch Fatel calls in, they discuss being an aunt, her siblings, her grandmother that just had a boob job at 91, Alysia’s diet plan, the recent LA heat wave, the Alamo, getting stabbed, Lord of the Rings, Tancast, tormenting men with sports, quitting smoking, pollution, drugging babies, good comedy books, Alysia’s first gig in Canada & stupid Americans, the sex slave trade, cellphone batteries promote rape and the upcoming Race Riot show. It’s a GREAT episode. Listen to the whole episode here.

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