Alysia Wood Deleting Friends SUCKS

Deleting Friends SUCKS

Posted in News on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 at 1:40 am No Comments

Even though I’ve NEVER turned down a friend request and only blocked ONE person ever… I never thought this day would come.

I’ve maxed out on friends and now FB is glitching on me. It’s also preventing me from sending friend requests and messages on occasion, which is making it harder to do business and stay in touch with everyone else.

I’m not sure of the BEST way to move people over to my group page,, but I’ve been sending messages as I delete people. It’s an excruciating and slow process and I feel like an asshole every time I do it. It’s like killing black widows – brutal but unavoidable. I absolutely hate this process.

The nice thing about the WoodStalkers group, is that it allows me to target show updates to people by city and/or state, instead of inviting people in Boston to a show in Seattle.   People will still be able to send a message to me through my profile and I plan on putting the same BS on my group page as well – so by not seeing my profile, no one is missing anything.  As I slowly revamp my Youtube channel and, there will be new and better content there as well.

Plus, I’m sure I’m going to delete someone that I shouldn’t on accident.

Hopefully, YOU will join me there, if you haven’t already!

– Alysia

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