Last Comic Standing / My DVD going out of print

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I auditioned in Minneapolis, which airs Thursday, June 12 on NBC.  Apparently I’ve been in the previews for upcoming weeks of Last Comic Standing but haven’t seen it myself.   You’ll have to tell me how it goes, since I’ll be telling jokes on the Oregon coast.

I’m down to less than…

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I Have The Power

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My finger is wrapped in bacon band-aids and I’m dejectedly watching She-Ra with my roommate over margaritas mid-day.

I’m feeling fairly beat down and watching the scene where the pink swan gets shot is sure-fire laughs.

“Sword to shield!”  She-Ra cries on the DVD.

My roommate – ever positive – encourages, “Good…

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The N-List

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Starting in episode 2, I am in Alycia Cooper’s webside series, “The N-List*”.

Watch > the inkubator > Original series > Comedy > The N-List

to see why Alycia Cooper calls me “The Skinniest White Girl with a Double Chin ever”

*Title, not my idea

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UConn Article

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“If you believe that laughing is the best medicine, the place to be last night was Alysia Wood’s comedy performance in the Student Union Theater.”

-UConn’s The Daily Focus

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Confederacy of Cunces – San Francisco

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It’s no secret how I feel about “all women” comedy shows. I don’t do them.. for the same reason I’m not in the Special Olympics.
I really like working with other women comics, but will never do another show where “Hot” “Pretty” or “Girlz” …

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“You’re Not Funny!”

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A comic friend of mine at the Improv was trying to help out an idiot (I’m stingy with the word “comic” and this guy wasn’t a comic, he was an idiot). The guy had gotten REALLY high, REALLY drunk, was interrupting conversations in the club and parking lot with…

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