Alysia Wood Akumal Comedy Festival in Mexico!

Akumal Comedy Festival in Mexico!

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I had WAY too much fun at the Akumal Comedy Festival in Mexico (outside of Cancun).  I have the Instagram pics, sunburn and antibiotics to prove it.

A huge thank you to Stand Up! Records, Gus Lynch, Akumal Direct and all of the other festival organizers for having me.

We were at a variety of venues in Puerta Adventuras and Playa del Carmen but mainly in Akumal, an incredible resort beach community.

The Akumal Biblio (Library)

The Akumal Biblio (Library)

Akumal Policia (Police)

Where I ate breakfast every morning (Turtle Bay) in Akumal.

Festival Pictures by Scott Brown

I highly recommend Scott Brown as a photographer if you are in Akumal, even though he promised me he would take a photo of my butt crack off the internet.  Scott got stung in the balls by a scorpion one night and still put in a full day of work with smiles.

Preshow teaser in Puerto Adventuras

Gus Lynch, coproducer, at the preshow teaser in Puerto Adventuras. I missed this because I was at the dentist (I highly recommend Coral Dental in Playa del Carmen. They made sure I didn't get taken advantage of, were super nice and did great work.).Gus also is the voice introducing me on my CD, Princess.

Teaser shows in Puerto Aventuras and Playa del Carmen

Teaser show in Playa del Carmen right after going to the dentist (Thanks to the gentlemen in the front row, who (when asked if my dress was see through) said, "We could see enough.")

Day 1 of the Festival

Day 1 - Girls from Centro Comunitario Otoch Paal Montessori

The first official show at Lol Ha (this was my day off so I day drank)

Jimmy Shubert on the Grateful Dead stage

Late show with Glenn Wool at La Buena Vida

The audience at La Buena Vida (click the pictures for more photos from Day 1)

Day 2

Glenn Wool on the Grateful Dead Stage

Alek running sound

This is Alek running sound. (Fun fact: Alek helped edited my CD, Princess, and called me the most disgusting person on the planet ever).

Josh Caviness

Josh Caviness running sound at La Buena Vida

La Buena Vida

Acting like I don't have diarrhea at La Buena Vida

Day 3 – Grand Finale, Mayan Ruins and Best of the Fest

During the day, we visited the Tulum beach, Tulum Mayan Ruins and skipped the Cenotes (photos from my Instagram)

The Ruins

Mareike, festival co-producer

Marieke, festival co-producer and new friend of mine (who speaks fluent Spanish with a Scottish accent). Marieke can make an awesome vacation or wedding happen for ya in Akumal).

John Buehler talking about herpes and vibrators in front of children

"Best of the Fest" Grand Finale. Seeing how many jokes I can tell with children in the audience. Most didn't speak English and/or were too young to comprehend but comics were weirded out just the same.

Even though the comics didn't enjoy it, the audience sure did.

Shubert, the final comic of the festival (and my spider killing flatmate at Casa de Iguana)

Patrick, another indispensible sound engineer, letting his hair down.

Casa de Iguana

Akumal Direct donated our incredible housing.  Festival co-headliners Glenn Wool, Jimmy Shubert and I stayed at Casa de Iguana.

Casa de Iguana private beachside pool

Casa de Iguana Casita

Casa de Iguana Casa

Casa de Iguana

Illustrated Court Room

Courtroom sketch artists were also on hand to document the whole festival.

Elizabeth Williams and Aggie Kenny, sketch artists ( Photo by Scott Brown

by Scott Brown Photo

Their Akumal Comedy Festival Art Blog has all of their work for the week. The artists are also releasing a book in early 2014, full of famous and otherwise interesting courtroom sketches from their careers – which I can’t wait to buy.  See some of them on their Illustrated Court Room Blog.

Sketch by Illustrated Courtroom

(Quick side note: one of the sketch artists told me I was difficult to sketch because I’m expressive AND attractive. Of course, I promptly told anyone that would listen about my dilemma up until I accidentally drank the water.)

Centro Comunitario Otoch Paal Montessori

Centro Comunitario Otoch Paal Montessori is a community center and school that allows low-income local families a Montessori education for their children free of charge. The school receives no government assistance and relies 100% on donations and fundraising for its operation.

Find out how you can help HERE.

Next year’s festival, will be held May 1-3, 2014.

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