Alysia Wood NW Convergence Zone Interview – February 22, 2010

NW Convergence Zone Interview – February 22, 2010

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Big D, Big Joe, Double D, Wonderboy & Squeeze make up the cast on NWCZ, bringing you their take on the news, sports, music and anything else they find interesting – all brought to you with their unique Northwest perspective.

Alysia takes a break after winning “America’s Next Funniest” to talk with the boys in the man cave about:

  • Growing up growing up dirt poor in Bellevue
  • [Clip] Being an abortionist’s daughter in Louisiana’s private Christian schools shortly after integration and the transition from Louisiana’s public schools (2nd worst in the US) to Washington’s (2nd best)
  • Getting a “late start” in comedy at 21 years old, her first time on stage and how it changed her path in life
  • The turf war between the Comedy Underground and Giggles Comedy Club and how being an emcee at the Comedy Underground gave her a head start
  • How comedy took her from Seattle to New Jersey [clip] then Kentucky and eventually Los Angeles
  • Performing in the college market for audiences that are more educated than she is
  • How she ended up on Last Comic Standing and what a celebrity judge told her the year she didn’t make the cut
  • Why losing is great and the whirlwind story of winning “America’s Next Funniest” (and being out of her mind, live on the Vegas news)
  • The crew asks her to explain the “Bio-Terrorism Training” credit on her resume
  • Being a guest columnist on
  • Lastly, she answers the podcast’s famous big ten questions (favorite food, first car [clip], first paid job, favorite sports team, favorite tool, first CD or album purchased, favorite TV show, last movie watched [clip], last concert attended, favorite drink, favorite place in the northwest)

Listen to the entire episode on Itunes and check out her second appearance in studio with Jeremy Whitman here.

These guys do a great job, TRULY support northwest artists and you should give ‘em a listen.

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