Alysia Wood Babeville, March 2010

Babeville, March 2010

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In March, I was pretty stoked to headline a show at Ani DiFranco’s Babeville in Buffalo, NY. The show was in the Ninth Ward, an amazing acoustic space in the basement of the renovated church (Babeville, which also houses an art gallery, small cinema, Asbury Hall and Righteous Babe Records).

The bar in the Ninth Ward was created from the remains of the former church’s pulpit. For all the Ani DiFranco junkies, the dressing rooms backstage are amazing. The hallway leading to them is brightly painted and covered from floor to ceiling with posters spanning her career. The RBR staff told me that during renovations, she insisted that she hang up those posters by herself. It was oddly overwhelming, as someone that spent 14 years following Ani’s career. It absolutely blew my mind.

I couldn’t believe I was performing there.

I have to thank Buffalo comedian, Kristen Becker, for hooking it up and the Babeville staff, who could NOT have been more awesome before, during and after the show. Another special thanks to Mark Saldana, The Edge’s Josh Potter and Kristen Becker for performing; and my ENTIRE college booking agency, Neon Entertainment, for coming to the show and bringing their spouses.

The video above is “out takes” from the show (check out the RBR logo made of stained glass in the background. So awesome). It’s part of my new playlist on Youtube (which I’ll be adding to) showcasing unique moments from various shows.

Below, is the awesome poster.

– Alysia

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