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The Cashmans

“The 206” is a reboot from a 90’s show that I grew up watching in Seattle after SNL, “Almost Live” with Pat Cashman and John Keister.  Chris Cashman is now in the mix and it’s an amazing, evolving show. When Chris asked me to give The 206 viewers Holiday Survival Tips… I was pumped. Stoked.



I am grateful for the opportunity.  I got to use a teleprompter for the first time.  Huge.


Teleprompter Rehearsal

The entire staff are seasoned pros and a joy to work with. The studio audience is a dream. There was a technical glitch that forced me to reshoot my segment (which is every comedian’s nightmare because you’ve lost the element of surprise) but the audience had my back. Since we were recreating the original experience, I’m interested to see how it turned out.



It will be available online soon.

If you can, go to a 206 taping. Buy 206 merchandise. Consider switching to Pemco, a generous sponsor.  Tapings are sold out with a waiting list for the rest of the season… Maybe because audience eats and drinks for free, courtesy of Tutta Bella… Something amazing is happening at Fremont Studios so get in the mix soon!

Brian Moote, comedian & Radio Personality

Brian Moote, comedian & Radio Personality

Nancy, hair and makeup artist

Nancy, hair and makeup

Wendy, comedian & lifesaver

Wendy –  comedian, audience warmup and lifesaver

Slick Watts liked my football joke. So it's LEGIT now.

Slick Watts liked my football joke. So it’s LEGIT now. Visit and prepare to be impressed.

Lastly, no one put me in a Star Trek dress. I did that all by myself. If someone could loan me a phaser and a badge, I’ll be ready for Halloween.


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