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Hey! New way to follow me : Instagram (@alysiawood) and photomaps.

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Therapist interrupts show

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Friday, August 24, 2012 -in Ft Myers, FL a woman walked to the stage and handed me her business card saying, “We can help you.”

Click here to watch what happened next…

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Having Sex, With Katie Morgan

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Photo: I just finished "Having Sex: with Katie Morgan" & Jim Jackman. It airs 7/20 on Kevin Smith's Smodcast Network. A huge "thanks" to Daryl Wright for introducing us. A huge "seriously don't listen to this" to anyone I'm related to, had sex with or has met...

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The second episode of Let’s Talk About Love with Niecy Nash aired last week. In the latest episode, we discuss how to know when the relationship is over.  I’m not an expert on…

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24/7 Comedy Radio Playlist

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I absolutely had a blast guest hosting for  24/7 Comedy Radio.  I promised listeners a blog including a few of the comedians you might not know that are headlining clubs, colleges and theaters all over the place. Check ’em out (images hyperlink to…

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Road Stories “Broads and Jewskis”

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Hosted by Murray Valeriano, ROAD STORIES is a first hand look at life on and off the road for today’s top comedians. InBroads and Jewskis“, Murray welcomes comedians Cash Levy, Stave Mazan

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