Milk of Minutia interview – Dec 25, 2010

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Bonus Episode – Milk of Minutia is hosted by Ken in Rochester and Justin in Bothell, WA.

“Wow. Where to begin? Basically, we recorded so much show, we had to divide it into two parts. In the first half of our holiday show: we help support comedian Alysia Wood as…

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SWIV interviews Atomic Comics

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Somewhere in Vegas finds itself somewhere in Montana, interviewing the Atomic Comedy Festival comedians on their last night of the tour. Jackie Fabulous, Jay Montepare, Toby Hargrave, Tere Joyce and Alysia Wood. Listen to the whole episode here!

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Drinking Buddies!

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Alysia stops into the KBCH Studios in Long Beach to chat with hosts Jerry Brandt and Chris Adams on the Drinking Buddies show.

After Mitch Fatel calls in, they discuss being an aunt, her siblings, her grandmother that just…

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You Don’t KNOW Me!

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Stumbled on this today while NOT doing what I SHOULD be doing. It made me laugh and I’m adding my thoughts. This link will send you to my Facebook page… “like” it so you know when I am coming to your state!

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Where Are You Going?

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This isn’t perfect but it took forever.

PS It’s really hard…

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Favorite Tweets

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Speaking of Twitter, if you aren’t into Twitter, I get it.  However, if you like the updates on the Facebook WoodStalkers group, you can check out my Favorite Tweets without having an account. There’s some overlap, but there’s a lot more BS on Twitter.  Click here,…

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