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A huge thanks to Chuck Barnett for animating my oldie but goody, the Jiffy Lube joke.

Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel for more great animations including my fellow NW comedian, Gabriel Rutledge.

He is wonderful to work with and building his portfolio if you…

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Mid-terms got nothin’ on Alysia Wood

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A huge thanks to Pittsburg State University for the kind words in their newspaper, Collegio. See the original here

Alysia Wood, comedian who uses her job to fight rape culture and destigmatize mental health issues, performs in the...
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New Day NW

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Back on the New Day Hot Topics couch with Cory Michaelis, and Andrew Rivers to weigh in on everything from funky beard trends to men’s pizza habits.


New Day Hot Topics w/ comedians Alysia Wood, Cory Michaelis, and ... joined this week's New Day...
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New Day NW with Kim

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 Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 4.08.26 PM

Back at New Day NW.  I was so bummed that Margaret was out on assignment this week but I also loved meeting Kim Holcomb, who is a host on Evening Magazine -…

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Nominated, Best Performer – Female Artist

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I’ve been nominated – for the first time – for the 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards by Campus Activities Magazine in the category of Best Performer – Female Artist.  I’m so honored.


Watch my video about it….

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New Day NW with Fitz

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Well, this New Day appearance started strange, became normal, then was the WEIRDEST fast. It was Fitz from “Fitz in the Morning” on the Wolf, which is a top-rated Seattle country station that I didn’t know existed (we have TWO apparently).

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